Frequently Asked Questions

We receive many enquiries from all kinds of clubs about new grandstands and replacing old stadia, so we are used to loads of questions such as:

Seating how many?

Can we not have any seats in either the 4-TIER or CURL60 structure and use it for standing spectators under, rather than sitting them down?

No, this would not meet sports site safety compliance. The tiers would need to be extended to allow room to stand safely and railings between the tiers fixed in place, then the height of the roof would need to be raised; so a complete new structure and cost would be needed.

I only need to seat 50 spectators, which is the best solution?

Our 4-TIER with just 50 seats fitted is the best solution. You can add more modules later as your club grows.

I want to seat 100 spectators, what structure is best?

If you wish to only fit 100 seat,s we can place two 4-TIER modules side by side with 100 seats and a central stairway. This would give you the ideal solution.

My club has progressed, and I need to provide a stadia seating more than 100 spectators, placed along my pitch sides, which structure should I be considering?

4-TIER can be set in a linear layout down the pitchside in multiples of 50 seat modules. These modules can be placed on the pitch sides aligned with the centreline and or behind the goals.

The CURL60 would have too many uprights when placed in-line, which is why we only offer that structure as a 60 seat module.

The CLOAK80 is modular so you can set the structures in multiples of 80 seats, in line, all the way down the pitch side. This structure has a canteleiver roof so there is no risk of front support posts interrupting the sightlines to players when you are sat in the stadia itself.

Where can I sit in a H-B Designs small stadia?

See for the locations in the UK where we have stadia installed. Do check on accessability prior to visiting any site.

Costs & funding

How can I raise funds to increase my budget?

Follow us on twitter and Facebook where we post links to new funding streams you can apply for.

As our structures are designed to last for generations you can fundraise on a seat by seat basis, for example, offer a family or local business a named seat in return for a sponsorship payment.

How much should I budget for a new stand?

Sports England suggest in their 2019 Facility Costs for the development of good quality community sports facilities that a Grandstand with 500 Seats with no Under Croft will require a capital outlay of £695,000net

With the constant changes in raw materials during 2020 and 2021, it is impossible to list fixed costs. We will quote exactly for your project in full, in advance upon receipt of a project brief.

Can I rent a stadia?

This may be possible on owned land/sites, please contact us for more details.


Can you supply a standing only shelter?

Yes, we can offer a bespoke design and build service for a standing covered shelter. We would need a clear brief including site location details, number of spectators requiring cover, project budget and time frame. In response we will provide and outline a concept proposal and high level cost plan for consideration.

Do I need planning permission for my small stadia?

Yes, in the majority of cases you will need to have planning permission in place as the structures are not temporary or single event buildings.

As specialists in infrastructure for cycling, sports and recreation we can provide full planning and statutory control services. For the provision of visuals and CAD blocks for planning applications by others, please do ask.

How do H-B Designs Stadia get delivered?

As an example, the CURL60 comes to the site as 150 steel component parts plus the seats and a fixings pack — one CURL60 on a 7.5t HGV.

How does the H-B Designs Stadia get installed?

Will there be unrestricted access to the new building location for both men and machines?

Is there a tele handler on site that can be utilised?

Will there be existing welfare on site that can be utilised by our install team?

For other site related questions, please get in touch with the office for a specific quote.

Alternatively, you can arrange for your own installation crew to undertake your project. We supply full installation technical details and drawings and offer an ‘Installation & Sign Off’ Service as an optional cost.

Which should happen first, new flood lights, new pitch, new fences or new stadia?

We understand that there will be many people involved in the decision making process and possibly different specialist contractors working on site too. We strongly advise having a conversation with us at the earliest opportunity to agree the location on site for the stadia and agree an outline order of other works as we do not want to move stadia installation equipment over a newly completed pitch or pitch side infrastructure. Getting the stadia foundations and building in first is the correct practice and can save you money in the long run.

What foundations are needed for the 4-TIER, CURL60 or CLOAK80 to be fixed into?

Every site is different with varying soil and wind conditions so the building is engineered to be mounted onto a concrete foundation raft.

We have the building structural calculations; building point loadings & extent of foundation size available which we provide in advance of delivery.

Then there are two choices for you, either

A, using the point loadings, you arrange for your own Structural Engineer to calculate the build foundation slab specifications


B, we commission our own Structural Engineer to calculate the build foundation slab specifications using the site soil samples and location data you provide to us.

The final foundation specifications and calculations are then passed to the team on site who build the foundations to the required standard prior to building installation.

How do H-B Designs stadia compare to other small stadia?

Our structures specifically meet the European CE marking requirement BS EN 1090-1 for structural steel buildings, a very important point!

Our buildings have a high residual value and can be dismantled and relocated if required.

These are robust, Engineered Structures with superior quality materials and fixings.

The seating tiers have extra accommodating leg room & walkway space.

The design meets the standard for sport safety as detailed in the Green Guide 6th Edition.

Can I get spare seats?

We advise that spare seats are purchased with the main structure and stored on site to provide an instant replacement in the event of a seat being broken. Although we do not doubt the seat strength, monitoring what spectators do whilst in the stand is impossible and seats that are abused will inevitably breakdown so having a 10% contingency plan for seat replacement is advised.

Can additional weather protection be added to the stadia?

On the CURL60 and CLOAK80 we offer optional weather protecting upper side screens made of Toughened & Laminated 13.42mm Glass. These are ideally fitted when the stadia is installed initially but can be retrofitted. If the stadia is optimally sited with the prevailing weather blowing onto the rear of the structure, extra weather protection is not usually needed.

Can I have the seats in my club colours?

We offer as standard, the most UV stable colours as standard.

Other seat colours available at a surcharge, please ask for more details.

The fold-up seat we offer has a structure that is black polyamide reinforced with high resistance fibreglass and the seat itself, the part that can be a selected colour, is manufactured in polypropylene copolymer with protection against UV lights according to EN13200:4 standard (seating for spectators) and is flame-retardant according to demand.