Our sports grandstands and stadia buildings have evolved from our developed cycle hub structures. We offer a modular building system that is designed to cover areas at an affordable price for many generations.

In 2012 responding to demand, we adapted our CURL structure from a unique cycle hub and storage structure into a distinctive small sports grandstand. Suitable for clubs and sports grounds of any league, the CURL has become an iconic pitch solution for schools, clubs and public spaces.

The need for a smaller pitchside stadia for grass root clubs with limited space pushed us to develop and launch in 2020 a new 4-TIER,  fifty seat stadia that could grow with the club.

Larger bespoke stadia are also within our remit using the same design principals to create opportunities for scope beyond match day.


Our popular stadia, CURL60 with its distinctive shape, is super strong and is versatile enough to store equipment or shelter people from the British weather. With such flexibility, it is a modern storage building that will fulfil its purpose for many years. It is an ideal fifty or sixty seat pitchside solution for schools, sports grounds, leisure centres and grassroots clubs. Our larger bespoke stadia with additional modules for ancillary support buildings creates the scope to support larger establishments beyond match day.


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