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Autumn sees the start of some sports seasons and the closure of others but there is always lots to do to keep the club grounds looking tip top.

Undertake your sports infrastructure checks such as floodlights, goalposts (to meet health and safety standards) and any site furniture for damage or future repair requirements. Look over your stadia risers and check the tipping or action of seats for smooth action. Compile a list of requirements and ensure you allow a month lead time to book in the fitting of any replacement parts.

Keep the site clean and maintain a tidy appearance throughout the facility. Respect breeds respect and if you can present your club to the highest standard your visitors will treat it with the same due care. We can provide club logo decals for fitting into our CURL60 small stadia.

You may be packing away some of your machinery so now is a good time to record the new and old makes and models, take pictures of your equipment as additional reference.

Some club grounds may have a number of mature deciduous trees nearby, which will inevitably lead to leaf debris lying on the square, pitch and or outfield.

It is essential to remove leaves swiftly as if they are left to accumulate, these leaves will become wet and which, in turn, will restrict light and air being available to the grass plant, thus putting the grass under stress and resulting in it turning yellow and then decaying. Vacuum, sweep or rake up leaves on a regular basis and store in a leaf clamp or compost area ideally where they cannot get blown back onto the sports field.

Sward Cut Heights

Rugby: between 30-90mm. These are the RFU guidelines for heights of cut during the winter months.

Football: maintain a height of cut between 24-30mm

Equestrian: maintain a height of cut between 95-115mm

Golf: Greens: Mowing height should be maintained at around 4mm-8mm.

Golf Tees: Mowing height should be maintained at around 10mm-15mm.

Golf Fairways: Mowing height should be maintained at around 15mm-25mm

Tennis: You should be completing your end of season renovations and minimal cutting will be needed although ensuring that you take no more than a third off in any one cut is vital.

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